Copts Discovered

coptsdiscovered15Sunday 13th September 2015 saw St. Mary & Archangel Michael’s Church open its doors to the community for its “Copts Discovered” event. The event aimed to introduce the Coptic Orthodox Church to visitors whilst at the same time giving them a taste (literally) of its rich history and culture.

Fr. John welcomed the visitors and made way for Dr. Ahmes Pahor who gave a short introduction to the Church. Visitors were then invited to explore a number of different stalls around the Church which gave a more detailed insight into different aspects of the Church. These included: Background and History, the Holy Family in Egypt, Coptic Art & Iconography, Language & Hymns, the Contemporary Church & Copts.

There was also a fun station for children to get involved in arts and crafts and a costumed photoshoot with a classic Egyptian scenery.

Sunday School Choir

Sunday School Choir

The day was made extra special by the presence of world renowned leader and maestro of David Ensemble, who  gave an enticing lecture on the richness of Coptic Hymns.

Everyone was then invited for a delicious traditional Egyptian dinner