Better Together 2015

bettertogether2015On the last week of August, the secondary school youth gathered for the second annual summer retreat in the Coptic Centre. The theme this year was about friendships so it was titled “Better Together”.

We started off on Tuesday night with an introduction from Abouna Youhanna before having a delicious dinner and lights out.

Wednesday morning was blessed with Abouna Peter praying the Liturgy in the early hours before quiet time and a luxury breakfast. We prayed the first hour in the agepya and then we had the first talk which was about friendship with God and the saints. We then split into groups to go through some questions and ideas in workshops about it.

After lunch we had the next talk which was about being a better friend to others which was a really interesting topic that inspired us to have really exciting discussions, which we didn’t want to finish.

On Thursday we all prayed a Liturgy with Abouna Youhanna. After breakfast (the race to finish the nutella), we had the last talk about Our Community and then we finished with a conclusion.

It was a great 3 days with everyone there, thank you to the servants who put so much effort into it. Can’t wait for next time 🙂