2014 Purity Retreat

purity_retreat14Friday the 15th August 2014 saw the commencement of the young youth Purity Retreat. The talk and workshop of Friday were focused on dating, the influence of society’s views and what the Church teaches us. The Saturday covered two topics also both in the talks and workshops, one discussed why the use of alcohol and drugs is prohibited both on a legal stage and in the eyes of God. The second discussed sexual immorality, looking at society’s influences from our peers and the media and comparing to God’s standards; we discussed why God says that even any hints of sexual immorality are to be completely avoided. Sunday was the last day, and the talk for this day was based on our identity in Christ. The retreat was a huge success, with many youth attending, and it was also loads of fun, everyone got involved together in many outdoor activities, and a very special surprise was set out for the youth… a bonfire! Which everyone enjoyed circling around and singing songs of praise, whilst burning marshmallows.