A Church Without Youth Is A Church Without A Future

The Youth of both St. Mary & St. Mark’s Church and St. Mary & Archangel Michael’s Church came together on Sunday to start a new initiative to drive the Youth Ministry in our community. The focus of the group is to involve and give more responsibility to the youth in the Church’s ministries and activities. The foundation of this initiative is the core priniciples of being a servant from the Bible: 1. to be willing to labour and toil, 2. to love the souls of others and 3. to love Our Lord Jesus Christ. One of the key ingredients to achieving this is through individual and personal spirituality but also through fellowship with one another. That is why the Youth have agreed to meet weekly after the Youth meeting for a Servants meeting. This meeting will have a foundaiton of prayer and bible study. Afterwards, the organisiational needs of the service in the Church will be discussed.

We pray the God bless this new direction and guide us to do His will and only glorify His Holy Name and none other.