Evangelism & Apologetics

Evangelism is the secret to the first Church’s success. Today, we as Christians help others who struggle to understand our faith by answering their questions. At the same time, we must learn how to defend our faith, by growing in knowledge about the facts, proof and evidence together.

This group meets regularly, reading books preparing leaflets and informative films on current issues and topics whilst also organising conferences and symposiums to explore and answer questions on a variety of topics.

The group produced its first movie in 2014 on the occasion of the Feast of the Resurrection answering questions about life after death, the passion and resurrection.

Conferences and symposiums held so far:

  1. Apologetics: Introduction to Defending the Faith
  2. Apologetics: Suffering & Pain
  3. Why Orthodoxy?
  4. Answering Old Testament Controversies

Contact: Heba Yanny