St. Nicholas & St. Barnabas Churches in Kenilworth Group Visits the Coptic Centre

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On Sunday 21st January 2007, during the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity, the Young People’s Home Group visited the Midlands Coptic Orthodox Centre.  The Copts come from Egypt and are one of the oldest Christian communities in the world.  We began the day by joining the congregation for the 2 3/4 hour liturgy.  This was an education for all of us as we experienced music that the Pharaohs would have been familiar with as the Copts have taken ancient Egyptian music and added Christian words as well as prayers in Coptic, Arabic, Greek and English.

After the service we were welcomed by Fr John and Bishop Missael and we gave them a letter written by our Bishop John sending them his greetings, before moving to the church hall for food and drinks. Bishop Missael then presented all of us either with an icon or a necklace before giving our curate Craig a very large Orthodox priest’s crucifix with the words “I give you this as a priest in the Church of God”. Needless to say Craig was very moved.

We then all attended Sunday School where we learned about the meaning of the word Epiphany.  Every time one of the young people answered a question correctly they were given either a small picture or a key ring.  The quality of the teaching was superb and each of us took something away from it.   

We then had the opportunity to share our impressions of the Liturgy and ask any questions before moving on to yet more food (sweet meats and Danish pastries) before playing games together.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming the young people from the Coptic Centre to St. Nicholas in the near future.  We were very grateful for such a warm welcome and it will be great to return the favour. 

Elliot, Jonathan, Pete, Matthew and Craig with George and Namine Tadros Andrew, Matthew, Jess, Pete and Jonathan with two young people from the Sunday School

Bishop Missael after giving Craig his crucifix Group photo with fr John 

God Loves Me Activity Day

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– We started the day with the holy liturgy which was done by Fr. Peter, we all attended and had communion 
-Straight after the mass we went to have breakfast/lunch, which was ready for us in the kitchen. 
-When we all had our meals, Auntie Nana showed us how to make JELLY. Everyone of us chose his favourite fruit (banana or strawberry) to add to his/her jelly, which we prepared and had to leave to set in the fridge for one hour. 
– While the jelly sat in the fridge, we went outside with Auntie Samia for some outdoor games, we ran and played together, lots of people were there too, including Fr. Peter. 
-After that, we went back to the kitchen as we had another session of crafts, we made some lovely Easter cards ,and had lots of photos taken showing the cards we made. 
-As soon as we finished our crafts hour, we went to watch a video about Easter, it was not very long but very good. 
-Fr. Peter tested us with questions about the film we watched, we were all excellent and everyone of us had a present. 
-Then it was time for EATING THE JELLY…it was DELICIOUS. 
-At the end we prayed, and were ready to go home.

It was lovely day, we enjoyed it so much, we had fun, missed all those who didn’t manage to be with us (and prayed for them). Also felt how much God has blessed the time and made it enough for all this fun we had, we also felt how much loves us by letting us have such wonderful time together and blessing us with our lovely friends. Hope we have this day repeated again soon.